Comprehensive Eye Examination

Many changes to our eye health take place gradually and often go unnoticed or without obvious symptoms. That’s why our Optometrists recommend having an eye test every 2 years regardless of your age and physical well-being. If you’re a contact lens wearer or diabetic, your optometrist will usually recommend that you return for an eye health review every 12 months.

As Optometrists we examine all part of your vision and eye health. A full eye health examination includes:

 A thorough case history
A test of how clearly you see
 Internal eye examination          
External eye examination
 How well your eyes work together as a team          
How well you see colour


What if we find a vision problem

If we detect problems, we may recommend glasses, contact lenses, eye exercises, prescription eye drops or even referral for eye surgery.

Many serious eye conditions don't have obvious symptoms. Some eye diseases only show symptoms when the condition is advanced and difficult, or even impossible, to treat.

A comprehensive eye exam provides the full assurance of good vision and eye health that a quick vision check or a school vision screening cannot. If you don't already have an optometrist you don't need a referral to book an exam.