Our continuously developing Optometrists can assist with adult and children's vision, behavioural Optometry, vision therapy and ocular therapeutics.

Eyecare for the Whole Family

Many changes to our eye health take place gradually and often go unnoticed or without obvious symptoms. That's why our optometrists recommend having an eye test every 2 years regardless of your age and physical well-being. If you're a contact lens wearer or diabetic, your optometrist will usually recommend that you return for an eye health review every 12 months.

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Behavioural Optometry

Behavioural Optometry is the understanding of vision and how to encourage its development. It considers your vision in relation to your visual demands, such as reading, computers, and learning to read and write, to ensure your vision is working easily and comfortably.

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Contact Lenses

New technology means contact lenses are clearer, more comfortable and more convenient than ever. They provide a full field of unobstructed vision, freedom of movement unmatched by glasses, additional flexibility to take on new activities with crisper vision and are also a great way to update your image.

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Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is used to treat existing problems such as lazy eye, eye alignment or coordination problems, poorly sustained near focus and poor eye-hand coordination. It can enhance the efficiency and comfort of your vision, and help prevent some visual problems.

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Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye's are an extremely common disorder of tear film, which lubricate the eye and stop the surface from drying out. A chronic lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye leads to a range of symptoms varying from elusive but constant eye irritation to significant inflammation and even scarring on the cornea, and potentially some loss of vision.

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Migraine Treatments

There are many different types of migraines and many different causes. Some people find the use of coloured or tinted lenses in their glasses can alleviate symptoms or help prevent them altogether.

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"Good vision is a precious asset; keep it in focus." - Unknown


We have the latest technology and dedicated testing rooms for measuring axial length, glaucoma and macular degeneration, peripheral vision and much more.


L&H Optometrists carries a wide range of frames to suit all styles, tastes and budgets. One of the huge benefits to being an independent practice is that if none of our frames suit, we have access to thousands more from suppliers all over Australia - just ask!

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