Patented & Precise

Wear Avulux indoors or outdoors, during screen time, under harsh light, or when you feel light sensitive.

Wear Avulux as soon as you feel any migraine symptoms or light sensitivity.

If you have over 15 monthly headache days, or continuous light sensitivity, wear Avulux throughout your day.


Avulux's physicians and engineers designed a lens that filters up to 97% of harmful blue, amber, and red light...

All while allowing soothing green light in.

Avulux lenses utilise a proprietary multi-band precision optical technology to selectively filter blue, amber, and red light while allowing through sufficient green light. Avulux lenses may be placed in a standard eyeglass frame. Avulux is designed to help individuals manage the impact of light sensitivity symptoms resulting from migraine and/or other neurologic and eye disorders.

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We offer a no obligation, 14 day trial of the Avulux lenses. To organise a trial or book an appointment contact us here

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